Idlerocks Hotel Granted Planning Permission


Idlerocks Hotel Granted Planning Permission

Lovell Ozanne is excited to announce that Planning Permission has been granted for the Idlerocks Hotel, Guernsey.

The proposed scheme on the former Idlerocks Hotel site includes a new boutique hotel with 35 bedrooms, a fine dining restaurant and spa together with a 3-bedroom dwelling.

idlerocks hotel 3d image


The Report

This submitted scheme is the result of extensive site and context analysis. As identified by the Planning report :-

‘the proposed replacement building is of a high quality design’.

Indeed the outstanding natural beauty of the site has been the key inspiration for the design of this exceptional development.

The report concludes that :-

`the proposed building is as unique as the site and draws on the natural landscape to shape its form and materials’.

idlerocks from coastline

Future Investment

We are proud that in-depth analysis and a rigorous design process have obtained this approval and thus secured the site’s value for our client.

The project will provide significant employment opportunities, through the design and construction phases and represents a significant financial investment in the Guernsey tourism market.

Check out the project here to view 3D views and plans of the proposed development.