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Guernsey Architecture – Design Opportunities within the Island Development Plan

This time last year at Lovell Ozanne we were all getting hot under the collar with regards to the upcoming Island Development Plan (IDP).  Both business and the public were trying to get to grips with the 372 pages of the Plan, and trying to interpret what it would all mean for them.

Experienced Guernsey Architects

Since its introduction at the end of 2016, Lovell Ozanne has been gaining considerable experience in working with the document and its policies, identifying possibilities for our clients within this new planning landscape.  To date we have established a number of development opportunities within the IDP, which we are exploring with the Planning Department.

To give an example, the IDP now has a policy framework that can be utilised to bring old and redundant buildings back to life with a number of potential uses.  IDP Policy GP16, parts A and B, presents potential options for such site which did not exist previously.  We have seen this new policy welcomed by clients who were historically unable to find a viable development option for existing redundant structures on their land.

Guernsey Environment

Clearly this can be seen as having a positive impact upon the island, improving the environment and replacing redundant structures with a building/land use, which positively contributes to the surrounding area.

Based upon this interpretation of the new Plan, we have recently submitted a planning application for a well-known Guernsey site.  In the days gone by it was a popular tourist attraction but had struggled to survive over the years and eventually closed.  A number of attempts were made under the old Rural Area Plan to bring this site back into use, however the Plan restricted what could be achieved on the site.

Lovell Ozanne Guernsey Strawberry Farm sketch

On behalf of our client, we prepared a sketch proposal, which sees the existing building converted into five contemporary houses within a set of landscaped gardens.  Within the context of the new IDP, we obtained positive advice at pre-application stage, which gave our client enough confidence to progress with a Planning Application.

Local Design

In proposing the redevelopment of redundant sites, it is important to demonstrate that there will be no adverse effect upon the character of the area.  Design quality is important, as is the contribution of any new structure to the sustainable design of the existing building or site.  In this case, Lovell Ozanne has taken a contemporary design approach, which utilises the rhythm of the existing steel frame with a palate of sustainable building products to convert the existing building into high quality sustainable homes.

Following on from this example, there are certainly other policies within the new IDP which facilitate development which was previously impossible.  In particular the IDP allows for further flexibility within the Main Centres (MC) and Local Centre (LC) policies.

Lovell Ozanne Architects

Passionate about Guernsey Architecture, we are always happy to advise if you know of a site or building which might be able to benefit from design opportunities within the new IDP.